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GyroSphere Trials

Over 20M downloads on iOS & Android
An addictive fast-paced race through endless, unpredictable obstacles. Roll, spin, jump, but don’t fall and lose lives! Time is running out!


Over 10M downloads, first position in US racing and second in US games.
Overtaking has never been more fun! There is only one rule here: avoid head-on collisions, they are deadly. And keep an eye on the fuel, you shouldn’t run out.

Going Balls

Over 100M downloads, reached the #1 spot on Android and top 10 on iOS in the US.
A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challenging rolling ball platformer!
Taking Gyrosphere Trials to the next level.


Easy games are no fun! Hellmet is not for the faint of heart! You will die! You will die a lot!
And just when you think you have it covered guess what happens next!

Iron Ball Ride

Roll the ball, but don’t fall! A treacherous road lies ahead and it’s full of unexpected obstacles.
Don't let the peaceful mountain top setting fool you. This obstacle course in extremely challenging!

Mad Match!

A TAPfully and SWIPEfully addictive game. Just tap & swipe to complete a colorful journey through the walls. Rotate shapes and move them to the right lane to fit in the wall. And careful, speed gradually increases. Don’t get hit by the wall!

Blow it Up?

Fruits, veggies, pizzas, burgers, coffees... it’s never been more delicious to blow things up!
Use balls and bombs to smash the pile off the table. One-tap easy-to-learn control and addictive gameplay.

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